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Disbelief Blog Tour Reviews

Disbelief went on Blog Tour from the 23rd of July to the 1st of August. Reviews from this tour are posted below!

"I was hooked by this book from the blurb alone, it was definitely a book that intrigued me and I dove straight in when it landed with me.

I thought that the plot for this book was very, very good.  The pace was spot on and the writing style was excellent – just what the book needed and it sits brilliantly within its genre.  The characters were great, really well developed and I loved the interaction as Smit worked on the cases.

Five stars from me, a brilliant start to a new series and looking forward to what comes next!!"

​- Donna M Maguire


"Disbelief was, for me, quite an intriguing novel. With multiple killings at religious sites around the world, an artist who, seemingly, paints the killings, quite unknowingly, before they happen, a serial killer leaving bodies in Amsterdam hotel rooms and a psychic who is helping the police solve the Amsterdam crimes this could have been an overly ambitious effort but, somehow the author manages to pull it all together, and in a way that works well.

In true thriller style it all leads to a dash around various cities and sites worldwide in the hopes of saving the day and, I'll be honest, it was a dash that kept me up reading late into the night,  needing to know 'what next?'

What lead me to look up this book in the first place was, I'll be honest, the fact that some of it was set in Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities. What could have put me off was that it sounded a bit 'Dan Brownish' - I am not a fan of Mr Brown's books or writing style. Thankfully the city won out and this turned out to be a cracking tale with good characters and a pace that, as I said, kept me turning the page long after I should have been asleep.

If you like Dan Brown's novels you'll love this, if you don't then let this book show you how it should be when it is done right.

I'll certainly be looking out for the next in the series."


- Andrew Angel/Ebookwyrm

(http://ebookwyrm.blogspot.com/2018/07/disbelief-by-mjt-meier-blog-tour-review.html?spref=tw  )

"When the details of this book popped into my inbox I could not resist joining the Blog Tour. The blurb had me gripped all by itself and I was delighted when the promise within the blurb was fulfilled with a gripping read, that left me on the edge of my seat (or in this case table).


While we dip and dive through different characters viewpoints, we see how each of them reach similar conclusions, while working with different sets of information. There is a lot going on in each of our protagonists stories, but the author chooses just the right moment to switch focus in each case, leaving us scrambling for more.


I found the view points of the “baddies” particularly interesting, and thought that these moments were some of the strongest parts of the book. I also loved Ben Smit and his attitude right from the get go. I did however have a hard time picturing him as anybody other than Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, despite the characters looking nothing like each other .

While this book has a bit of a habit of repeating some information, mainly due to characters reaching conclusions, I found it incredibly compelling and could not put it down. A very enjoyable read and I’m left waiting for more! Highly recommended."


- Don Jimmy


"This is a story of murder, two kinds – men are being killed their throats slit in their hotel rooms and murder on a huge scale hundreds being poisoned at pilgrimage sites across Europe.

We are told the story from a number of points of view which are easily followed, the voices are quite clear. Ben Smit a psychic who occasionally is called in to help an investigation by Amsterdam Police; Sophie an artist who has been having nightmares prompting her to paint the scenes she has seen; Dave is Head of Murder at Europol he’s working on both cases but those of the men has a personal interest; Emma is a P.A. To James who is CEO to ALA an organisation that has made him richer than he already is from his inheritance.


This is not a whodunnit because we find that out and why early on which makes this an intriguing read. Of course, we don’t learn everything all at once and there are some twists that keep the plot moving along. The authors use of using the characters to work out or understand what is happening makes for suspense in this well paced and tense read. It has a strong paranormal influence, which is not surprising given Ben Smit is a psychic, but it is central and necessary to the plot giving a unique feel, another interesting layer to the story.  


It’s fascinating to see how things work, how each crime is worked out and what happens from the different characters point of view.


It’s a compelling read with good characters and the weaving of the two plots is well done by M. J. T. Meijer keeping the tension throughout.


This is the first of a new three-part series: The Ben Smit Series by M. J. T. Meijer. With thanks to Anne Cater for bringing me on board for this blog tour and Crimson Cloak Publishing for providing an eARC. These are my own thoughts and I have not received any form of payment for them."

- Love books read books

(https://lovebooksreadbooks.wordpress.com/2018/07/28/disbelief-by-m-t-j-meijer-randomthingstour-disbelief/ )