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Face's of BNE wrote the following regarding the official launch of DISBELIEF.

Brisbane Author Goes Global

"Just two weeks ago, Maria ‘Tam’ Meijer was an unpublished novelist from Brisbane’s north. Last week she launched her first book as part of a traditional, GLOBAL, publishing deal. But wait there’s more, it’s a traditional publishing deal for eight-books, spanning three series with US/UK publisher Crimson Cloak.

It’s a very big deal.

“I couldn’t tell you how much this means to me,” Meijer said when I spoke to her.

“It means a lot that someone professional in the industry thinks enough of my work to take it on; to put effort and money into it. So it’s given me a lot of self-confidence.”

The USA-based publishing house will be publishing eight books by Meijer, spanning three series: the Ben Smit series, the Samantha Jansen series and the Mum’s the Word series by the local author, who writes under her full initials and surname, MJT Meijer.

Disbelief (available now, details below) will be closely followed by Disregard in November this year, then Disorder and Disqualified with publishing dates TBD.


To follow up, the Sam Jansen series is of the same ilk, fast-paced and thrilling, with titles Misguided and Misjudged. While the third series, taking a different tack, is black comedy which Meijer describes as ‘cozy crime – lighthearted and humourous’. The Mum’s the Word series’ first title is A Spade and a Bottle of Port.


With seven of the books already finished and now in the editing stages, Tam is prolific and skilled, a fact that hasn’t escaped Crimson Cloak, who have already secured publishing rights to any future books written within the worlds of the aforementioned series.


How did Meijer land this deal in an era notoriously difficult for unpublished writers?


“I never dreamed of being a writer. I just decided one day that was what I wanted to do and I did it,” she said.


“It wasn’t a dream. I made it a plan.”

Read more at: http://www.facesofbne.com.au/2018/06/27/brisbane-author-goes-global/




Michelle Beesley from She Society wrote a piece on the official Launch of DISBELIEF.

The Launch


Over sixty invited guests joined M.J.T.Meijer or Tam, as she is known to friends and her very supportive family, for the launch of Disbelief. She Society mixed with members of local writers groups, community members, family and friends who were thrilled with Tam’s success.

Framed quotes from the book provided a talking point and an interesting snapshot of what we could expect from the novel. Flowing wine and delicious canapés including bruschetta, arancini balls, beef skewers, potato cakes and cream cheese or beef tarts, added to the celebratory atmosphere in this lovely space.

M.J.T.Meijer spoke of her writing journey and thanked her family and editor for their unwavering support. It was touching to see that Tam’s family in Holland had joined the celebrations via Skype. It was hard to believe that this elegant and friendly author could write crime fiction. She joked that her husband, “Now sleeps with one eye open”. It’s so inspiring to be around successful local authors, but it is obvious that M.J.T. Meijer is still in disbelief herself with her recent success. Although as Tam wrote on my specially signed copy of the book, “It’s not a dream if you have a plan”.

Tam’s plans include a second crime series centring on Sam Jansen called Misguided, Misjudged and Misbehaved. The third series is in the cosy/humorous crime genre and is titled Mum’s the Word.