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The Ben Smit Series

Title: DISBELIEF (book 1 in the Ben Smit Series)

Release Date: May 2018

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing

Multiple mass-poisonings at catholic pilgrimage sites throughout Europe. Sophie Pearson, successful artist, created paintings of the horrific events before they occurred. There are more sketches, implying other attacks are yet to take place. What does Sophie know? Who does she know?

A serial killer, leaving dead bodies in five star hotel rooms in the city of Amsterdam.

James Edwards, multi-billionaire and founder of the ALA - The Atheist Liaison Association - has an alibi for the time of the poison attacks, but is it a coincidence that he's in Amsterdam at the time the serial killer hit?


Its up to chief of Europol Dave Johnson and Police Consultant and Psychic medium Ben Smit to figure out if both cases are connected. they must unravel the ties between past and present or more lives will be lost.

One thing is for certain - they wont all make it to the finish line   

Title: DISREGARD (book 2 in the Ben Smit Series)

Release Date: November/December 2018

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing

Katie Elmer is lost; clearly she has died, but suffering a headwound and amnesia, she has no recollection of what has happened. In Ben Smit, hypnotherapist and psychic medium, she finds someone who might be able to help her find out the circumstances surrounding her death. Ben in turn, requests the help of his cop-friend in charge of the homicide department at Europol Dave Johnson, who currently leads a team investigating a serial killer case in Geneva, Switzerland.


While Katie actively helps unravel the mystery of her own passing, she discovers her case is somehow entwined with the serial killer’s. But how does the Monaco prison where she used to work fit in, and prison doctor Matt Robinson? Why is former soldier and recently deceased Jack Anderson out for revenge, and what is his connection to Katie and a Genevan medical research facility? When yet another murder takes place, both cases take a dramatic turn and it becomes clear several lives are at stake, including that of an innocent little girl.

Cover Image Coming Soon

Title: DISORDER (book 3 in the series)

Release Date: To be Announced 

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing

A professional hitman travels the world, leaving a trail of dead bodies but no evidence.

In England, five-year old Ryker creates savant-like sketches of images he ‘sees’ in his nightmares, mumbling ‘Daddy’s going to die’.

While Dave Johnson teams up with former partner Cooper Campbell in Australia to hunt the hitman, hypnotherapist and psychic Ben Smit sets out to help Ry and his mother Cat.

Are the boy’s dreams a symptom of a disturbed mind or could they be memories of a past life?

And is it a coincidence that both Dave’s and Ben’s pursuits lead to a former mental asylum in rural New Zealand? 

The Samantha Jansen Series

Cover Image Coming Soon

Title: MISGUIDED (book 1 in the series)

Release Date: To be Announced 

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing

She was dead-lucky to still be alive, Samantha Jansen was well-aware of that and gratefully sent up another prayer. But how, when, and why had her life become entangled with that of a professional hitman? As if it wasn’t enough to be a single mother residing in the wealthy Arabic city of Dubai illegally. Or that exactly that fact made it impossible to land a normal job, forcing her to use her psychic talents to make a living for herself and her 5-year-old son. 

Which by the way wasn’t exactly legal either in Dubai. There was no such thing in life as coincidence, but was it fate? Not only to have met this obscure man in the first place, but for him to develop an obsession for her and her work? It couldn’t be. The word fate suggested something good could come of it.

One thing was for sure. Meeting John Giovanni had—literally—landed murder on Sam’s doorstep and saw police enter her life, rapidly heating up an already simmering life in the desert …

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Title: MISJUDGED (book 2 in the series)

Release Date: To be Announced 

Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing

Psychic medium and single mother Sam Jansen’s life is in turmoil. Since suffering serious trauma only months earlier, she’s lost the ability to communicate with the spirit world and, as if that is not upsetting enough, she’s being plagued by involuntary Out of Body Experiences during which she is a witness to horrific, torturous murders.

Dubai Chief of Police Peter Reilly, is too busy to take Sam’s OBE’s seriously. With a serial killer on the loose, the antics of the Russian mafia, and doubts regarding his new Second in Command, he has to prioritize and frankly, Sam’s latest spiritual insights sound incredulous and outlandish. Surely those OBE’s are mere dreams, her life is not in any danger for ‘witnessing’ any murders and neither is Sam’s five-year-old son Eddy’s.

Right … ?